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Wednesday 3rd April 2024

Italian wines

Presented by Daniel Read of

New Forest Wines, Ringwood



Wines 1-3 are white wines.

Wines 4-6 are red.


Wine 1 – Mandrarossa ‘Le Senie’ Viognier 2022

Grape: 100% Viognier

Region: Menfi, Sicily

ABV: 13.5%

Price: £13.99


Tasting Notes: A lovely expression of Viognier, with ripe peach and apricot fruit on the nose and a lovely minerality, which is characteristic of wines from the Island. It is full and opulent on the palate with fresh acidity to balance.


Food Match: Sicilians recommend trying this with grilled swordfish, shrimp tempura or fish cous cous. It also pairs nicely with Thai cuisine.




Wine 2 – Saraja ‘Tarra Noa’ Vermentino di Gallura 2022

Grape: 100% Vermentino

Region: Gallura, Sardegna

ABV: 13.5%

Price: £16.99


Tasting Notes: Very typical of the variety, bright and textural with citrus aromas, delicate floral hints, and lightly savoury characteristics. The palate has fresh acidity with touches of stone fruits, myrtle, and bitter almond (signature of the grape) with a lovely saline minerality. Lees ageing provides a rounder, richer mouthfeel for a beautifully balanced wine.


Food Match: Spaghetti dressed with olive oil, garlic, and lemon zest.



Wine 3 – Felsina Berardenga ‘I Sistri’ Chardonnay 2020

Grape: 100% Chardonnay

Region: Tuscany

ABV: 13.5%

Price: £30


Tasting Notes: Deep yellow colour in the glass. Classic, barrel-aged Chardonnay which is rich, complex, and buttery. Plenty of exotic fruit on the nose (ripe stone fruits, mango, and banana), subtle hints of baking spice and nicely integrated vanilla notes from the oak maturation. The palate is full and creamy, balanced by a fresh acidity.


Food Match: Grilled fish, poultry, risotto, or pasta in a creamy sauce.



Wine 4 - Monte del Fra Valpolicella Ripasso Classico Superiore ‘Lena di Mezzo’ 2020

Grape(s): Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella

Region: Valpolicella, Veneto

ABV: 14%

Price: £21.99


Tasting Notes: Pronounced nose of floral notes, sweet spice, cherry, black pepper, liquorice, and vanilla. Medium to full-bodied with fine tannins and a persistent length. The Ripasso method results in a slight sweetness on the palate. Has the potential to age for 8-10 years.


Food Match: A versatile wine which would pair well with an array of dishes; red meats, mature cheeses, Asian cuisine, or even fatty fish. A great wine for the Christmas table also.



*Wine 5 - A Mano ‘Prima Mano’ Primitivo 2021 (*Additional bottle for raffle prize)

Grape: 100% Primitivo

Region: Puglia

ABV: 14.5%

Price: £29


Tasting Notes: Aromas of crushed rose petals, raspberries, blueberries, black pepper, maraschino cherries and a hint of eucalyptus. Smooth and silky on the palate, showing complexity and concentration of fruit. A lovely balance between intensity and elegance.


Food Match: Another versatile wine when it comes to pairing with food due to its soft, smooth texture. Try with Osso buco, tomato-based pasta dishes, pizza, blue cheese, Indian cuisine, seafood jambalaya, stuffed mushrooms, charcuterie etc.



Wine 6 – Banfi ‘La Lus’ Albarossa 2019

Grape: 100% Albarossa

Region: Piemonte

ABV: 14%

Price: £24.99


Tasting Notes: Soft and velvety on the palate with enough tannic grip. Intense red berries, cherry, and ripe plum fruit, with liquorice, dried herbs, and hints of vanilla. Persistent length with fresh acidity.


Food Match: Seasoned salami, hearty stewed meat dishes, or a rich ragu.








Wednesday 6th March 2024

Wines from Eastern Europe

Presented on behalf of Chris Holding by John Billington 

WWS chairman


Welcome everyone, to tonight’s presentation on:


‘Wines of Eastern Europe’


In researching for this presentation, some interesting facts about the wine industry came to light. As they are not specific to the presentation, I just ask you to refer to the FACTSHEETS on your table during the evening.




The wines tonight are from Transylvania Wines based in Halifax, and The Old Cellar based in London.



Now he really wanted to be here in person, but I’m afraid Count Dracula has been called away on urgent business with Messrs Miller and Carter, apparently for a 2 for 1 steak night. He’s also decided to move out of his quiet spot in the corner of Peter’s Cellar. Apparently there’s been a lot more activity there recently. Finally, he is represented tonight by his agent Stuart, who is looking for properties in Belgravia on his behalf.


Without further ado, the first wine will now be served.




Wine 1

We are in Romania. This is a


Budureasca Vine in Flames Daphix Chardonnay & Feteasca Regala 2018

Grapes: Feteasca Regala (65%) & Chardonnay (35 %)


Romania is one of the oldest, and youngest, winemaking countries in the world, with a history that goes back 4,000 years, but with a 40-year hiatus during the Communist era. Romania and Moldova are the front line of a new old world tide of wine countries.


The Regala grape is described as enigmatic.


Vineyard: Budureasca is located in Dealu Mare wine region in Muntenia in the southern Carpathian hills. The ‘Vine in Flames’ brand reflects on a historical moment during the rule of the first Dacian King Burebista (82-44 B.C.) when the vineyards were burned because they were considered a temptation for invaders.


To preserve the intensity of flavours, the component wines from this cuvee were fermented at 10°C and to perfect the taste Chardonnay was kept in American oak barrels for six months.


Tasting Notes

Golden yellow colour, with fresh aromas of apricots and light vanilla notes. Full-bodied wine with great balance and a pleasant taste of ripe apples. Lovely and intense finish.


Food Pairing

Very good associated with fish and poultry dishes.


Serving temperature: 14-16 ° C


ABV: 12.5%

Transylvania Wine

Price Paid: £12.95




Wine 2

Now we move to Moldova. This is a


Viorica 2022, Chateau Purcari, Stefan Voda, Moldova

Grape: 100% Viorica - which is indigenous to Moldova


Awards: Platinum Medal, Decanter World Wine Awards



Tasting Notes

Pale yellow colour with light greenish hues. Fresh and intense nose with acacia, white flowers, basil and citrus fruits notes. Crisp and fresh body with good length and moderate acidity.


Food Pairing

Seafood, shellfish, smoked fish, light Asian dishes.



Founded in 1827, Purcari Cellars are a real treasure. Vintage wines from 1948, and the Queen Elizabeth II Collection dating from 1947 with labels in English, are some of the jewels therein. You will feel the historical fingerprints left by the monks who built the cross-shaped cellars, thus blessing the wines.


Purcari terroir

Located on the west coast of the Dniester River, at an altitude of 110 to 185 metres above the Black Sea, the Purcari vineyards, which cover an area of over 260 hectares, have a special microclimate that protects the vineyards from frost in winter and heat during summer. The microzone is known due to the soil composition - clay chernozem, or sandy charred. The slope orientation determines the soil characteristics, which play an important role in forming the wine flavours and taste. The slope also facilitates water drainage. The vine roots penetrate deep through the layers of carbon soil in search of water, and planting in ordered rows allows good air circulation.


There will be a little more about Purcari later when we reach Wine no. 6.


Serving temperature: 10-12 °C


ABV: 13.5%

The Old Cellar

Price Paid: £16.95




Wine 3

A third stop in Georgia now. This is a


Dugladze Kakhuri Qvevri 2020

Grape: 100% Rkatsiteli


Dugladze - is one of the best producers available on the market.


Kakhuri - Appellation of Controlled Origin dry white wine is made using Kakhetian traditional technology from the Rkatsiteli grape variety cultivated in the Kakheti region.


Qvevri - is the name of the first vessel used in winemaking. Archaeological studies have confirmed its 8,000 year history.



Tasting Notes

This wine has dark amber colour, varietal aroma, distinctive bouquet, extracted, velvety and raisin notes.


Food Pairing

Matches well with Georgian traditional cuisine, such as:


Khachapuri - cheese-filled bread

Khinkali - spices and lamb, pork or beef dumplings

Badrijani Nigzvit (good luck!) - fried eggplant rolls with walnut

Lobio - bean soup

Mtsvadi - made with chunks of pork, mutton or veal, is first abundantly marinated in pomegranate juice or rubbed in a good dose of salt before it’s threaded onto a skewer and roasted on an open fire



Georgia is rightly called “The cradle of wine”, reaffirmed by UNESCO in December 2013, when the oldest Georgian method of wine making in Qvevri was inscribed in the representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.


Georgia boasts more than 500 varieties of indigenous grapes, nearly one-sixth of the world’s grape varieties, including endangered varieties found nowhere else on Earth.


Today ‘Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking’ (KTW) is one of the largest companies producing wine and alcoholic beverages in Georgia, employing more than 2,500 people.


Serving temperature: 10-12 °C


ABV: 12.5%

Transylvania Wine

Price Paid: £11.45








Wine 4

Back to Romania now. This is a


Folklore Ursul Negru de Dragasani

Grape: 100% Negru de Dragasani


The Negru de Dragasani grape is described as full of character. The variety was obtained at the Dragasani viticulture research station through individual selection. It is a hybrid, officially recognised in 1993, between the Negru Vartos and Saperavi varieties (a native Georgian grape).


Tasting Notes

The grape has a black-blueish colour, with red-coloured, juicy, non-aromatic pulp and a straightforward taste. Wines produced from this variety are dry, more robust, strikingly red, with flavours and aromas of black cherries, sour cherries, blueberries, blackberries, and spices. They are suitable for aging in oak barrels and subsequently in bottles, however this one is not oak-aged (Mike or Stuart will probably interject here and say it should have been!).


With its mesmerising ruby red colour, this particular wine reveals dominant aromas of red fruits in its bouquet. The taste is a delightful harmony, featuring well-balanced notes of ripe tannins, along with delicate hints of vanilla, chocolate, and pepper.



Taking place every winter in villages and cities in Romania’s eastern region of Moldova, the ‘Dance of the Bear’ symbolises the death and rebirth of time. Performed between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, this ancient ritual brings together the whole community, who gather to watch the performance. For Geto-Dacians, ancestors of present-day Romanians, the bear was a sacred animal with healing powers. The life cycle of the bear was responsible for regulating seasons, entering hibernation before winter and waking up in spring.


Serving temperature: 14-16°C


ABV: 12%

Transylvania Wine

Price Paid: £13.95




Wine 5

A representative from Bulgaria here. This is


Elements Fire Unique Red 2017

Thracian Valley

Grape Varieties: 35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 31% Cabernet Franc, 17% Carmenere and 17% Caladoc


This is a full flavoured and robust wine which has been aged 10 months in French oak barrels.


Tasting Notes

Dark red with purple hues colour. Black cherry, plums, dark chocolate and vanilla on the nose. Rich and well structured, with great purity of fruit, gentle oak and moderate spice that helps frame the wine really well.


Food Pairing

Roast meat, Game and BBQ dishes.


Serving temperature: 16-18°C


ABV: 14.06%

The Old Cellar

Price Paid : £14.50




Wine 6

We end in Moldova. Recommended by the merchant, this is a


Chateau Purcari - Saperavi de Purcari 2020 - Limited Edition

Grape: 100% Saperavi


Purcari wines are aged exclusively in French oak barriques with a capacity of 225 litres. Depending on the variety, the aging period varies from 6 to 18 months. After aging in barrique, the wine is cold bottled under sterile conditions, then a natural cork stopper is applied and the wine continues its aging in the bottle for another 6 months.


Saperavi de Purcari Limited Edition is a wine with a strong personality that will surprise you -it’s an explosion of grace, perfect for edgy combinations and the most surprising olfactory mixtures.



Gold Medal - Decanter World Wine Awards 2023 (95 points)

Gold Medal - Mundus Vini Summer Tasting 2022

Silver medal - Decanter World Wine Awards 2022


Tasting Notes

Saperavi, the famous unmistakably fragrant Georgian variety, is noted for its strong character and authenticity of fulminant taste. The wine of an intense ruby with purple reflections reveals explosive aromas of plum and well-ripened fruit.


Grapes are Hand Harvested by double manual selection.


Vinified with care and dedication, Saperavi de Purcari impresses with its velvety tannins, full, opulent taste, evolving into a long and pleasant aftertaste, with complex aromas.


Food Pairing

Traditional meat dishes, venison, lamb chops.


Decant for 60 minutes before serving.

Recommended serving temperature: 18 - 20 °С.


ABV: 13.5%

Transylvania Wine

Price Paid: £19.95 reduced from £21.95





If anyone would like to order small quantities of the above wines, Chris is happy to facilitate this, as he now has an account with Transylvania Wine and can also get The Old Cellar wines at a discount.


Orders should be placed on the Order Form provided, but for logistical reasons, only those taken tonight will be valid. A contact telephone number must be put on your Order Form please.


Delivery method can only be agreed with Chris via the Form and direct contact.


Lastly, the alternate for the final wine can also be ordered:


Legendary Dracula 555 Feteasca Neagra Red Wine 2020

Grape: Fetească Neagră


Fetească Neagră (or Black Maiden in English) is an old native variety that originates from Moldova. Fetească Neagră is a bramble fruited red with hints of soft cherry.


Oak aging: 18 months


Tasting Notes

Intense red colour wine, it has an unique character of dry plums, wild berries and spices bouquet, with vanilla hints coming from aging in Romanian oak barrels. Velvety texture and well balanced by the round tannins, silky on the palate; long, smooth aftertaste.


Food Pairing

Lamb, pork, veal, beef dishes, even with fried chicken.


Serve at 16°C


ABV: 14.5%

Transylvania Wine

Current Price: £19.95









Wednesday 7th February 2024

Peter's Cellar

Presented by Peter Hampton

WWS committee member


Name of wine: Montagny 1er Cru  “Les Millières” 2019
Country of origin: France, Burgundy
Grape varieties: Chardonnay
Organic: No
ABV: 14%
Price:£12.99 in Sept 2020 (now £19.99)
Supplier: Majestic


Name of wine: Maison Roche de Bellène  2018 Pinot Noir vieilles vignes
Country of origin: France, Burgundy
Grape varieties:  Pinot Noir
Organic: No
ABV: 13%
Price: £12.88 in Sept 2021 (now £18.00)
Supplier: Majestic


Name of wine: Gigondas Clos des Cazaux 2011
Country of origin: France, S.Rhône
Grape varieties:Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre
Organic: No
ABV: 14.5%
Price:£14.29 Feb 2013, £24 now
Supplier: Lay & Wheeler en primeur


Name of wine: Ch.Léoville Poyferré 2006
Country of origin: France, Bordeaux, St.Julien
Grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon 62%, Merlot 28%, Petit Verdot 8%, Cabernet Franc 2%
Organic: No
ABV: 13%
Price: £38.99 Jul 2007, £80 to £120 now
Supplier.Lay & Wheeler en primeur


Name of wine: Ch.Duhart Milon Rothschild 2005
Country of origin: France, Bordeaux, Pauillac
Grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon 71%, Merlot 29%
Organic: No
Price: £28.06 Jun2006 £67.50 now
Supplier: Lay & Wheeler en primeur


Name of wine: Ch. Coutet 2005 (in half-bottle)
Country of origin: France, Bordeaux, Sauternes, Barsac
Grape varieties: Semillon 75%, Sauvignon Blanc 23%, Muscadelle 2%
Organic: Yes
ABV: 14%
Price: £16.44 May 2006, now £24 (halves)
Supplier: Lay & Wheeler en primeur






Wednesday 3rd January 2024

Celebrity Wines

Presented by Tracie Billington-Beardsley

WWS committee member




Margaret River Chardonnay


From Howard Park Western Australia

ABV: 13%
Price: £20
Celebrity Drinks Collection



Kylie Minogue popstar and actress

Winemaker: Janice MacDonald


Gold medal winner at 2020 Global Chardonnay Masters Award

Botham All Rounder Chardonnay 2021


Australian grapes from South Eastern and Western areas. Includes Margaret River area

ABV: 12.5%

Price: £11

Celebrity Drinks Collection



Sir Ian Botham


Gordon Ramsay Vibrante Bianco 2022


25% Tuscan Vermentino to Abruzzo fruit 40% Chardonnay, 20% Trebbiano, 15% Pecorin),

ABV: 12.5%

Price: £11


Celebrity Drinks Collection

Gordon Ramsay celebrity chef

Winemaker: Alberto Antonini Poggiontonda Vineyard Tuscany



Red wine 2021


Grapes Syrah, Tempranillo

ABV: 13.5 %

Price: £8


Celebrity Drinks Collection


Singer and songwriter Gary Barlow of Take That  

Winemaker: Peninsula Vinicultores


John Terry Wine Of Champions Salice Salentino 2020 

80% Negroamaro & Malvasia Nera.
ABV: 13.5%

Price: 24.50

Celebrity Drinks Collection




Celebrity Footballer
John Terry


Pinot Noir 2020
Yarra Valley Australia

Pinot Noir 100%


Kylie Minogue

Gold medal at the Global Pinot Noir Masters Competition









This is a table showing the wines we have tasted in the past, showing, where possible, as many of the following characteristics as possible:- Date of tasting, Wine type, name & vintage, supplier, and price.  Where these are not shown the information was not available at the time of data entry! Note, price shown was current at time of purchase and will not necessarily be the same subsequently.

Key for wine type: W/R/P = White/Red/Pink(=Rosé)

                                  T/S/D/F=Still Table Wine/Sparkling/Dessert/Fortified



Meeting date



              Wine name Vintage          Supplier



02/11/16 W,T Provincia de Lavia, Lombard 2015 M&S £7.50
02/11/16 W,T M&S Chablis 2013 M&S £9
02/11/16 W,D Brown Bros Orange Muscat & Flora 2014 Waitrose £6.99
02/11/16 R,T R3 Single Block Marlborough Pinot Noir 2015 M&S £10.85
02/11/16 R,T Valdemadera Gran Reserva, Carinena 2010 M&S £9.50
02/11/16 R,T Dom. de la Curniere Vacqueyras 2014 M&S £9.75


W,S Freixenet Excelencia Cava 2013 Morrisons £5
05/10/16 P,T La Moussiere, Sancerre Rosé 2014 CostCo £11.98
05/10/16 W,T Rully 1er Cru, Marissou Jacques Dury 2014 CostCo £11.98
05/10/16 R,T Brouilly, Louis Latour 2014 CostCo £9.35
05/10/16 R,T Chateau L'Arrosée, St.Emilio Grand Cru 2007 CostCo £21.58
05/10/16 R,T Barolo Villa Peironte 2012 M&S £18
07/09/16 W,T Cantina Gadoro Fiano   Waitrose 6.49
07/09/16 R,T Torre del Falco, Nero di Troia 2013 Waitrose 7.99
07/09/16 W,T Contesa Pecorino 2015 Majestic 8.99
07/09/16 R,T Baracca & Fassoldi Chianti Riserva 2013 M&S 9.29
07/09/16 W,T Terrazze Della Luna Pinot Grigio 2014 New Forest Wines 8.99
07/09/16 R,T Allegrini Palazzo della Torre   New Forest Wines


03/08/16 W,T Cave de L'Ormarine Picpoul de Pinet 2015 Sainsbury's 8.00
03/08/16 W,T Ottoventi Punto 8 2015 The Wine Society 7.25
03/08/16 W,F Quinta do Noval, Extra Dry White Port n.v.   11.00
03/08/16 R,T Sainsbury's Sancerre Rouge 2014 Sainsbury's 12.00
03/08/16 R,T Tierras de Mediel, Rioja Baja Joven 2014 Waitrose 8.99
03/08/16 R,T Pedroncelli Dry Creek Sangiovese 2012 The Wine Society 9.50
01/06/16 W,S Salgareda Prosecco, Extra Dry n.v. Makro 6.00
01/06/16 W,S Sumarroca Cava Reserva, Brut 2012 The Wine Society 7.75
01/06/16 P,S Lindauer Rosé n.v. The Co-Op 8.99
01/06/16 W,S Champagne Philizot 'Veuve Monsigny' n.v Aldi 9.99
01/16/16 W,S Loire Petillant Naturel, Domaine de la Taille Aux Loups, 'Triple Zero' n.v. Les Belles Caves, Tours, France 11.87
01/06/16 W,S Nyetimber 'Classic Cuvee' Brut 2010 Waitrose 22.79

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